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Unigine heaven benchmark


Бесплатно скачать Valley Benchmark для Linux ::: Диагностика и тесты

Unigine Heaven Benchmark - это популярное программное обеспечение для тестирования производительности графики. Оно предоставляет возможность оценить производительность видеокарты в различных условиях, включая различные настройки графики и разрешения экрана. Unigine Heaven Benchmark также широко используется для сравнения производительности различных видеокарт и систем.

Вопросы и ответы

Heaven Benchmark is benchmarking software based on the UNIGINE Engine. The benchmark was developed and published by UNIGINE Company in 2009. The main purpose of software is performance and stability testing for GPUs.
Unigine Heaven Benchmark capped at 120 Max fps.
Alongside a completely free Basic edition, UNIGINE benchmarks provide in-depth performance reviews in the Advanced edition for overclockers, and extended features in the Professional edition for hardware manufacturers, assembly and repair shops, and all commercial companies involved in hardware stability testing, ...
The first order of business here is to make sure your graphics card can run without shutting down or displaying any weird graphical glitches, so you should allow it to run Heaven for at least 30 minutes, to allow the GPU to get up to temperature.
70°C is too hot during constant idle state. A gpu shouldn't exceed more than 40 °C ~ 50°C when idle. On the other hand, I can tell you that most graphics cards can withstand safe temps ranging from 75 °C ~ 80°C under really heavy load; anything past that could result in damage to the chip.

Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 (originally released in 2009)

Updated 4.0 version of Heaven Benchmark Product page: http://www.unigine.com/products/heaven/ More details:...

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