FilmForth — простой, удобный и почти бесплатный видеоредактор

Free video editor for all.

FilmForth makes video editing much easier than before.

4.7 (1,990 reviews)

Free and no watermarks. Share everywhere.

FilmForth is a free but full-featured video editor that allows users to edit video without any skill-required. It also supports saving videos without a watermark that enables video sharing everywhere.

No more editing skills required. Easy from now.

Whether you are going to edit a photo or a video, FilmForth can realize the vision just the way you want it to be in clicks. No more complicated timelines or tracks to deal with while video editing anymore.


FilmForth makes video editing much easier than before.


More Features

What FilmForth can do for your storytelling.

Picture in Picture

Add logos or create reaction movies.

Chroma Key

Change or remove video background with/without green screen.

SRT Subtitles

Video subtitles in batches or text one by one.

Make Slideshow

Make a slideshow out of photos or videos with music and effects.

Change Video Speed

Speed or slow the video with ease.

Make Logo Transparent

Make your logo transparent at one click.


Add your voice over the original one.

Rotate Video

Flip sideways of a video by your will.

Mute Video

Remove and change background audio from videos.

Various Filters/Effects

Boost the video’s creative flair by adding effects

Remove Video Background

Change the background to fit with the video theme.

Cut Video

Trim the unnecessary part of a video.

Separate Audio from Video

Detach audio from video and use it your own way.

Meme Maker

Create video and image memes with a few clicks.

Instagram Video Maker

Easily make Instagram videos with ease.

Freeze Frame

Freeze the certain frame as needed.

More than our words

“FilmForth is the best free video editor and also is easy for up and coming youtubers. Such an unbelievable tool to add music and some cool effects, voice over and so much more. Highly recommend it. ”

“Such a genius tool!! The templates and the special effects are fantastic. Great looks professional. FREE and NO WATERMARK. So great for TikTok videos! ”

“It supports exporting the exact frame rate I need for Instagram. I love this video editing software that makes the video editing progress become easier. Thanks! ”

“This software was easy enough to use. Learning more about the software was also easy. ”

“Well, as an easy-to-use movie making program, the best part is that it’s totally free to use and has no watermark. The video here we are editing can be shared everywhere. ”

“Easy to use, clean and simple, it is quite friendly to the new video maker. Not too much over usage of CPU. great starter program. ”

FilmForth Premium на русском

Данное приложение является графическим редактором, а также видеоредактором в одном лице.

Описание программы

Программа позволяет монтировать видео, работать с картинками, использовать и то и другое одновременно, а также прибегать к помощи дополнительных инструментов. Например, мы можем воспользоваться широкой базой Gif-анимаций для своих проектов.

Приложение распространяется на платной основе поэтому когда установка будет завершена, воспользуйтесь прикреплённым лицензионным ключом и произведите активацию.

Как пользоваться

Рассмотрим конкретный пример, из которого вы узнаете, как производится инсталляция программного обеспечения, а также получение лицензии при помощи ключа:

  1. В первую очередь мы должны скачать исполняемый файл. Последний запакован архив. Воспользовавшись паролем, извлекаем все нужные данные.
  2. Запускаем процесс инсталляции, принимаем лицензию и, переходя от этапа к этапу, завершаем установку.
  3. В архиве вы найдёте также серийный номер. Запускаем приложение, переходим в меню и вставляем ключ для активации.

Достоинства и недостатки

Переходим к обзору сильных и слабых сторон FilmForth.

  • наличие русского языка;
  • максимальная простота использования;
  • возможность обработки как видео, так и фотографий.
  • по набору возможностей программа проигрывает более именитым видеоредакторам.


Данный фото и видеоредактор можно бесплатно загрузить при помощи имеющейся ниже кнопки.

Платформа:Windows 7, 10, 11


FilmForth is a comprehensive video editor and movie maker for Windows 10/11. Built from the ground up to be as accessible and easy to use as possible, this FREE app can be used by anyone to create stylish movies from imported video clips and photos.

The app supports a wide array of tools for enhancing the final presentation of video projects and can render final videos using the help of hardware acceleration. The end result is a user-accessible video editing app that can easily serve the needs of not only complete novices but also students and freelancers who just need a fast and reliable app for creating presentable video projects.

The app supports all the most popular audio and photo formats, codecs, and containers, including MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, WEBM, MP3, WAV, JPG, BMP, GIF, and others.

FilmForth is distributed online exclusively via the Microsoft Store platform. To install it on their Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC, users simply have to go to its official Windows Store page and click on the large “Get” button. This will start the automatic download and installation of this app that weighs a bit over half a gigabyte. Once installed, users are welcomed with the main dashboard of the app that features a traditional set of controls that every video editor is well acquainted with.

The top of the app is dedicated to the preview window, and the bottom features main content tracks – video stream (where users can add, trim and arrange their imported content such as video clips or photos), audio stream, text stream, and Picture in Picture stream. Users can add and remove streams depending on the scope of the project, which can range from simply splicing several videos into one, all the way to complicated presentations made for school or work.

Editing features include every basic tool editor can think of (split, trim, rotate, flip, join and combine video clips of all sizes and durations), adding transitions, detaching audio streams, freezing frames, and adding effects. The app also has a separate set of controls for managing audio tracks (even support for adding voiceover), text editing, and picture-in-picture.

After the editing process is finished, Film Forth can quickly render the final video in HD video quality and without the use of Watermarks.

FilmForth is FREE and can be used without limitations not only on Windows 10 and Windows 11 but also on Xbox consoles, mobile devices, Hub, and HoloLens.

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